Performance Capital Partners, LLC (PCP) is a development company specializing in full- and select-service hotel development. PCP was founded by Jeff A. Stockert, Harvey C. Jewett IV and Mark D. Adrian in Aberdeen, SD in August 2014. Currently, Jewett and Stockert each hold a 50.0% stake in PCP.

Over the course of the past 25 years the individual partners of PCP have developed 20 plus hotels in Utah, Ohio, Florida, California, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Arizona. Of these hotels many were later sold when the opportunity was right.

Going forward, each hotel developed by PCP will be owned by a single purpose entity owned in part by Jewett and Stockert, and in many cases other passive investors.

PCP strategically believes in being vertically integrated to maintain internal control of all aspects of a project from market selection and site selection to construction and product procurement and finally asset management. Over dozens of projects history has proven that this approach results in a shorter development and construction period as well as completion of the project in a more cost efficient manner than if control is lost to unrelated outside parties.